1½ - 3½ year old

Everyday, we at Vaz reinforce the philosophy underpinning the Early childhood education curriculum which is that learning should be structured with an emphasis on fun, relevant and motivating activities. We 7ensure that our early childhood activities deal with the entire child and his family, not just the A,B,Cs and 1,2,3s. The human touch is paramount. For example, we ensure that kids and their parents are welcome each day and that someone says goodbye to them at the end of the day. The environment is so homely that sick kids prefer to be at school rather than to stay home.

Our pre-school facilities are secure and spacious and open directly to the outside play area. The children have access to a variety of outdoor activities, including tire-swings, sit and ride vehicles and even a play house with other equipment to develop their gross and fine motor skills.

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The social and emotional development is important for our children to function well in any environment.  So learning through hands-on activities both inside and out are supported by our highly qualified staff. Our teachers function on the tenet that ‘whatever you want the child to be you have to be it’ and as such our teachers model the social behaviour they want the children to learn everyday. For example, when our kids are disciplined, we ensure that they leave with their self esteem in tact, we give them opportunities to speak/report incidents and generally express themselves without judgement; plus our teachers are not afraid to apologise when they are wrong.

paletteThe children enjoy creative artwork, music, tending to the vegetable garden as well as going on exploratory trips. The love of books and language is also an important aspect of their learning. Pre-School children stay for full days.

The transition into Kindergarten is seamless, as the classrooms are adjacent to the Pre-School class rooms and staff and children come together for regular playtime and other activities.



Vaz Preparatory School

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